Man brings colors to existence. To enhance the efficiency of our factory, PT. Cemani Toka strives for easier ink production process, as well as to reduce production losses. One way to achieve this is through the use of modern manufacturing processes. From base color mixing using the dispensing system already installed in our factory, and up to the final product, the whole process is done automatically. A fully computerized production system is at the heart of the factory operations. Nevertheless, there are certain parts of the production process that are difficult to control by computer system. Color matching, which is the combining of color bases, is one of them. The exact colors requested by customers may reflect their very own personal feelings, in a sensitive way. Here we need a human touch, and not a computer, to respond to such sensitive request. However good a computerized production system may be, it still cannot completely replace human sensitiveness in the attempt of fulfilling a customer’s request. This lies at the core of our faith in our own strength. For years, we have been doing business in this way, employing a sensitive and humane production system. This is “Technology & Kindness”.

PT. Cemani Toka