The primary target Of The technical division Of PT. Cemani Toka is to ensure that customers get The best product.

New product development is always done on the basis of customer’s needs. Our technicians are in constant communication with print operators in the eld, and listen to their requirement directly. Not surprisingly, quite a few of our successes have been the result of responding to the simple demand of a customer, such as “we want this kind of color”, or “we want this particular kind of ink”. Our Technical Division is currently supported by modern equipments such as the Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, and Fade-O-meter. This, along with the proven capabilities and vast experiences of our technicians, has enabled us to meet customers’ demand, however dif cult they may be. and the result is that we have always produced a product to the satisfaction of our customers. “Technology & Kindness”. as part of the T & K TOKa`s Global Network, PT. Cemani Toka always refers to the above-mentioned philosophy when it comes to technological development, marketing and production process.

PT. Cemani Toka